Saturday, June 11, 2011

#c64 Space Taxi and Coffee

A great Saturday morning ritual...


  1. My all time favorite C64 game. :)

  2. I've enjoyed reading through your blog. I too have recently started assembling a c64 system. I've been concentrating more on the internal hardware hacks like adding JiffyDOS v6.01 (always a few eBay links for those. I like it better than Epyx FastLoad crt), feeding the IRQ to the power LED so it blinks green whenever there's a request...things like that. I picked up a comet64 and started a blog there as well, RandyInLA. I haven't gone for the rr-net or chameleon yet, but I should have a 1541U-II in my hands in a few days.

    Since you use a mac and have mentioned browsing around your .d64 files on your SD card, I thought I'd share a cool mac QuickLook plugin for .d64 files. This allows you to highlight a .d64 file on your mac in finder and hit the space bar to open a little preview of the contents, complete with a c64 font. I'm assuming you don't have it since you haven't mentioned it in your blog yet.


  3. I don't have it yet! Sounds great. I will try it out.