Monday, June 6, 2011

Amiga Forever #amiga #commodore

After losing an eBay auction for a pristine Amiga 1200, I have reassessed my desire for a physical Amiga 1200. I never owned one of these as a youth. I wouldn't really have any basis in nostalgia for the hardware other than I wanted one when I was a kid and never got one. I was more than happy with my Commodore 64 right up until I got my first IBM PC.

With that thought process, I devoted some time to upgrading my Bootcamp partition on my iMac from XP to Windows 7. I installed Amiga Forever 2011 and toyed around with the configuration and achieved some pleasing results. I toyed around with Amiga OS 4, Workbench 3.1, etc. I got these working very well and had fun. I then found some classic games, like Cannon Fodder 2, Perfect General, Speedball 2, and Obsession Pinball and played those for awhile.

I think I might be able to put off getting an Amiga for a while longer. The emulator has been working flawlessly in Windows 7 and I can avoid the payout for a nice Amiga 1200 system, which was going to run upwards of $300 for everything I wanted.

Here's some screenshots of my accomplishments today.

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