Wednesday, June 1, 2011

#c64 Emlyn Hughes International Soccer

I wasn't much into soccer (or football, for my European friends) games on the 64 as a youth. I never played any of the favorites, like Microprose Soccer, International Soccer, etc. But as I researched them, I found that a clear favorite among many was Emlyn Hughes. I found a PRG file of it and recently played it. I played England and the computer played Scotland. The score ended up 0-0, but it was fun. I got better as the game went on -- I bet this would be a blast for two players.

I found a web site and fanbase where they are still crazy about the game. Pretty cool that a game this old still has a huge following.

Still waiting for my first goal...

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  1. Aye, This is a great game. Played it many times, a great upgrade to the original international soccer.