Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My first attempt at music with MSSIAH

Here's a low quality video from my phone showing my first attempt at creating the beginning of a song in MSSIAH on the Commodore 64. It's been interesting learning this very well written program and the constraints of an 8-bit system are actually kind of fun. I used all pre-programmed sounds, but plan on trying to tweak my own instruments next.

BTW - This is my very first attempt in MSSIAH. I'm very familiar with sequencers like Cubase and Reason, but this was a whole different ball of wax. With one SID chip you only have three independent voices, so trying to think of a way to cram all the ideas in your head into the sequencer is challenging.

It has been fun so far and I'm really getting the hang of MSSIAH. It seems to push the limits of the Commodore 64 to the brink.

EDIT: Doesn't look like the video worked. I will try again later.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Cybernoid 2

Don't remember playing this as a kid, but the graphics are great and gameplay is fluid. Fun game!

Mouse Adapter

I got my mouse emulator from Amigakit the other day and it works well with MSSIAH. I never had a mouse on my 64 in the old days. It's an odd experience -- it will definitely make composing music a little easier. I hope to get some free time soon to begin.

Played some Top Gun on the 64 today...

Mediocre game, but I do remember playing this in the good old days! Sometimes nostalgia is enough to make the game somewhat more interesting.